Why I’m Catholic


This post has been a long time in the making. I actually became Catholic 6 years ago this Easter, but it wasn’t until Fall of 2011 that Steven Lawson from Why I’m Catholic found my little blog and asked me to share my conversion story on his website. It took me several months of drafts, edits, revisions and conversations with important people in my life before I had a final draft sent to him just days before Cecilia was born in December 2011. Fast forward a bit – Steven and his wife welcomed a child into the world and among many other things were just busy with the living of their life. In March, he approached me again, asking for final-final revisions and I sent it back one month later and here it is!

My hope is that someone out there can find something of their own story in mine…

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Children of Abraham

IMG_4205A little background information…

I was contacted by Horizons Magazine, which is published by the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) for women, and asked to write an introductory article on the development and use of the sacred texts in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, while also discussing the relationship between these scriptures. (Could be a dissertation topic!) This is meant for a general readership audience and I have not cited everything since the magazine was less concerned than my college professors with that sort of thing. Most of the info includes general knowledge that is easily accessible through a variety of online resources. Also note: Horizons asked me to write on Christianity from a specifically Catholic perspective since their readers are most familiar with the Protestant understanding. (I didn’t purposefully leave them out!) My guideline was 1600 words and I’m slightly over, but not too bad. The short bit at the end profiling the Sisters of Faith will be a breakout box in the issue to go alongside my article. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to chat with me, although it’s already been sent in for review and publication for the July/August 2013 issue! Continue reading

The Gospel of Good Food


Previously, Dan has written about how and why he has been drawn to farming as a career choice. (Guidance counselors, calm yourselves) While I deeply respect the philosophical, ethical, and spiritual underpinnings of Dan’s love of the natural world, my journey into farming is less Wendell Berry-in-a-deer-stand and more Mario-Batali-in-Traverse-City…

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Palm Sunday Reflection

IMG_3130Looking for an amazing Palm Sunday Reflection by yours truly? Then you’ve come to the right place! I was asked by Charis Ministries to write a Lenten reflection and was assigned the Palm Sunday reading, which also happened to be my mom’s birthday! Click here to check it out πŸ™‚

*This photo is the sunset from the Feast of St. Joseph last week, which also happened to be the day our new Holy Father said his first Mass as Pope!*