Why I’m Catholic


This post has been a long time in the making. I actually became Catholic 6 years ago this Easter, but it wasn’t until Fall of 2011 that Steven Lawson from Why I’m Catholic found my little blog and asked me to share my conversion story on his website. It took me several months of drafts, edits, revisions and conversations with important people in my life before I had a final draft sent to him just days before Cecilia was born in December 2011. Fast forward a bit – Steven and his wife welcomed a child into the world and among many other things were just busy with the living of their life. In March, he approached me again, asking for final-final revisions and I sent it back one month later and here it is!

My hope is that someone out there can find something of their own story in mine…

Click here to read full story


3 thoughts on “Why I’m Catholic

  1. Whitney: Thank you for sharing your conversion story this morning on the Catholic Channel with Gus Lloyd.
    It was great!

  2. Whitney I just read ur wonderful testimony. It is very moving and inspirational. I am looking fwd to sharing it with fam and friends
    Your Brother in Christ
    Dave from WV

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