Let’s talk toddlerhood…

IMG_3096Everyone said having a baby would be hard…but, can we talk about having a toddler?! Continue reading


A dream realized.

TSF_FB profileSome of you may have noticed (or not) that I’ve been a woefully absent blogger in the past few months. This is for a few reasons – obviously we just moved in November, then the holidays and the beginning of the New Year all bring lots of busyness and not much time for reflection and writing. But, I have been working on a rather large personal and professional project – Two Sparrows Farm. This blog has been an invaluable tool for me reflecting on our adventures in farming, homesteading, and living more simply and it’s not surprising that all of this exploration has culminated in us actually starting a farm! For the most information, you can head on over to the farm website: www.twosparrowsfarm.com We are also publishing a weekly blog on the farm’s website so be sure to subscribe to that and the farm newsletter. Continue reading


2012 turned out to be a whirlwind year for us – we adjusted to life as a family of 3 while Dan started working insane hours on a local dairy farm and I was busy working and taking classes. Oh, and we bought a farm and moved in the late fall. It was one of the most challenging years for us but on this side of the storm it feels like we grew. a. lot. Continue reading

The time we bought a farm

I decided a blog post was in order for a number of reasons – first, I actually have internet at our new house now after almost 3 weeks of checking email and Facebook on dial-up speed cell phones; second, I haven’t posted in a looooonngg time so it’s about time everyone gets updated on what’s new in our life; and third, Cecilia is taking an afternoon nap and I would rather type furiously than actually prepare dinner.

Soooo…. Continue reading

Lamest Blog Post Ever

Alright folks. Prepare yourselves for a lame blog entry – it’s basically going to be one long Facebook status. Nothing profound. Just catching my breath since I last posted in August. I had been hoping to have more time to blog on a “semi-regular” basis; alas, that has not happened. In fact, what has actually happened has been a series of blog posts being written in my head (while driving, falling asleep with a baby in my arms, etc.) and when I do find myself a keyboard to type that thing out, it comes out as mush – a jumble of what was lovely, eloquent, and insightful thoughts has become a rant, or worse yet, a glorified Facebook status. And so, here I am. Six weeks later. With a glorified Facebook status of a post. Unbelievable. Continue reading